Its great to see another new business open in Didsbury village, and this one looks set to be a cracker and is just across the road from our branch.

Having just opened on 16th May, 3 Little Pigs is an exciting new Butchery business at 735 Wilmslow Road and has a state-of-the-art display with customers being able to see the preparation area and maturing fridge through a full length window!

3 Little Pigs will shamelessly aspire to the premium end of the market place, looking at innovative styles associated with new products and responding to contemporary cooking styles.

Whilst ‘premium’ indicates to some high end cost, they make the distinction more in terms of supply chain, traceability, quality assurance, animal welfare and the expertise of butchery in the shop.

They even have their own supply of home reared life stock in their family owned Cheshire pasture land where their own cows, pigs, chickens and ducks are free to roam.

This family affair are very much part of the Didsbury community already, and we wish them every success with this exciting new venture.