Hi everyone!

I often get asked by Landlords on how to present a perfect rental property.  So today, I have come along to a Two bedroom apartment within West Didsbury which is a perfect example.

Tips to help Landlords:- 

  • Décor – Keep it Neutral tones throughout!
  • Furnishings – Provide fitted or free standing appliances like Fridge freezer, Washing Machine and Cooker as an absolute minimum.  If you are providing other furnishings, it is recommended that you provide Beds, 1 Sofa, Dining Table and chairs.  Tenants also find it handy to have wardrobes if you can’t stretch to fully furnishing the property.  no need to go to the expense of providing cutlery, toasters and other smaller items or appliances.
  • Flooring – Hard flooring or carpets in keeping with the rest of the property.

If you have any questions, just drop me a line at moharramrehman@julianwadden.co.uk or call the office on 0161 249 5160 and I would be happy to help!