We understand that in the current market sometimes it seems that house prices are increasing almost on a daily basis, so the best way into the investment market is by looking at those houses that do need refurbishment, and in some cases renovation.

This brings it’s own problems, if you are living remotely from the property, or have never been down that route before how do you know you are getting the right people in to do those jobs, and how do you know it is being done properly?

The great news is that between ourselves and our management team we can help organise a whole selection of contractors, and get you to the point of being ready to find a tenant, all whilst keeping you updated on progress.

If you are on the look out for something you can add value to, or you are already buying a property and need some quotes, let us know on 0161 249 5160 or markdiamond@julianwadden.co.uk.