• Are you a Landlord currently receiving rental income?
  • What steps have you taken to protect your investment should your tenant lose their job?
  • What would you do in the current pandemic if tenants cannot be evicted?
  • Courts are closed and when they reopen there will be a high level and back log for possession hearings.

We offer a Rent Protection Scheme which protects Landlords for Non payment of rent which also includes Full Legal costs for all tenancy breaches resulting in grounds for possession.  We work on the Landlords behalf to deal with possession proceedings.


******Case Study (X Landlord) of Julian Wadden****

This particular Landlord has been without rent for a year.  Originally, the case was scheduled to be heard in court back in April 2020.  With Covid and court closures, it has only be heard this month.  If this Landlord did not have the Rent Policy in place, there would a loss of rent for a WHOLE YEAR.

Average loss of rent and legal fees to evict a tenant totals over £9000, which can burn a hole in your pocket if you don’t have a policy in place.

It is so important to have this rent protection in place and even more so now with continuing potential job losses.

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