A recent survey from Uswitch has found that the majority of self-managing landlords (69%) are considering the switch to a managing estate agency amongst a raft of legislative changes and the changing rental market in the UK.

Of those surveyed the biggest reason (32%) for wanting to move over was not having to arrange repairs, something I think we can all agree with, but not surprisingly coming in second at 30% was no longer having to deal with legal requirements.

Keeping our managed landlords up to date with all changes in law is one of the biggest jobs of our property management team, and it is a minefield they navigate on a daily basis, but if you aren’t used to the regular updates then you can leave yourself open to fines and worse.

One of the other main aspects that landlord have considered is the use of an agent to avoid fraudulent applications, which our referencing team at Goodlord is on hand to spot and keep you safe. We also offer Rent Guarantee and Legal Protection as peace of mind to all of our managed landlords, covering all of those bases in case of issues in the future!

If you want to have a chat through your current portfolio, or if you are looking to purchase another investment, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0161 249 5160.

(Survey reported by Property Industry Eye, Link here)