thyme out ‘golden tickets’

The super popular ‘Thyme out’ on Nell Lane was established in 2006, and has become a firm favourite in the local West Didsbury food scene.  They have recently launched their Golden Ticket offer, with 1000 to be given away before the new year.

The tickets are valid for redemption from 3rd – 31st January with a guaranteed prize of between 10% and 100% off your Bill.

To get your golden ticket spend over £25 at Thyme Out before 31st December. Good Luck!

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  • A quick analysis of sales volumes to date in 2018 indicates that in areas where sales have increased compared to the same period last year, on average virtually half of all properties have access to ultra-fast broadband, with an average download speed of 46.4mbps.
  • In contrast, in those areas where sales have fallen, just under one third of properties have access to ultra-fast broadband and the average download speed is slightly lower at just 42.9mbps.
  • While broadband coverage and speed may well not be the most important factors in choosing which home to buy, their impact on daily life is ever increasing. 89% of adults now use the internet each week, up from just 51% in 2006 (ONS), and a rising proportion of the population works from home for at least part of the week.
  • Upgrade to Inform’s new local demographic pages for analysis of connectivity in your area and check our blog to find out more.
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  • A drop of more than a third of the average sole agency fee for a traditional estate agent in the UK, to 1.18% (plus VAT), since 2011 makes it among the cheapest prime location for agent fees in the world.
  • Of the places analysed, only China and Hong Kong had lower seller-side fees at 0.5% and 1.0% respectively. Other countries with significantly higher seller fees including Mexico (7.5%), the USA (5.5%) and France (5%).
  • The UK comes out as the cheapest location to buy in terms of estate agent fees when you consider the combined buying and selling commission fees (assuming no buying agent is used).
  • A survey carried out by TheAdvisory of over 2,000 property sellers in England and Wales, which was reported by Prime Resi, also identified that 95% chose a traditional agent over a new online and hybrid agencies (often with ‘no sale no fee’) to sell their home.
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  • As each year passes, Halloween celebrations appear to be getting bigger in the UK, fuelled by images on social media and product lines developed by retailers. In 2017, 52% of Britons spent money on Halloween products and this rose to 85% for families with children under the age of 5 years old, according to findings from Mintel.
  • New research by Mintel estimates £419m will be spent by Britons on Halloween this year, up by 5% on 2017.
  • We have looked at how many homes this total estimated spend could buy on average in each region. It ranges from 3,401 homes in the North East where the average price of a home was £123,186 in August 2018, to 812 homes in Greater London where property is 319% more expensive.
  • Halloween participation levels also vary by region with the North East, North West and East Midlands regions the most active, where over 56% of consumers indulged in Halloween in 2017.


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The ageing population in the UK is not a new story but growth in this demographic really picks up speed over the next 10 years, with implications for the housing market.

Over the next 10 years, the percentage growth in the UK’s retirement age demographic vastly outweighs that in children or the working age population. It equates to an extra 2.5 million retirees by 2028.

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Zaranda Bar

A brand new cocktail bar and social nightlife space coming soon to Burton Road, West Didsbury!

You may have noticed the redevelopment taking place over recent weeks at the former One Lounge Bar premises on the corner of Burton Road & Lapwing Lane, the bar owners are now in the final stages of refurbishing the space to make way for Zaranda.

This latest addition to West Didsbury’s independent high street is sure to be a hit amongst locals, for the latest updates, drinks selection, menus and music head over to @Zarandabar.

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Makeup Masterclass

Gusto Restaurants and Benefit Cosmetics have teamed up this November to bring you the ultimate make-up masterclass here in Didsbury village. Hosted by Gusto and the Benefit Trend Team this event is taking place on Tuesday 6th November at 7pm where you will be greeted with a complimentary Whitley Neil Gin and Fever Tree Tonic and tempting Gusto nibbles! The evening will include presentations and tutorials from the Benefit team where you can learn tips and tricks tailored to your needs in an intimate and fun setting.

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Cavendish PTA’s Family Bonfire & Fireworks

Celebrating its 12th year of lighting up the skies here in West Didsbury is the Cavendish PTA Bonfire & Fireworks Night, which will take place on Friday 2nd November in conjunction with Chorlton Fireworks. This popular community event will see both new and familiar faces from the local community come together for a fun filled, family night.

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What do homebuyers in Didsbury really look for?

If you have ever sold your home, you will be all too familiar with the pressure to make the property look tip-top in time for a viewing. Your home must appeal to the most likely type of person to buy it, so it’s vital to understand a bit about the demand profile in your area. The chart above shows the demographic profile of our part of the world.

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